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“Paspartu has translated for us over 6.000 pages of documents in the field of pharmacology & medicine, (medical safety data sheets, description of pharmaceutical products, chemical properties, monographs, clinical trials, labelling, clinical research and presentations, package leaflets etc). Their customer service is great, just like the quality of the translations they deliver!”

Barbara C,

“Paspartu has translated over 1.800 pages of documents for us. We have been using their services for 5 years now to translate clinical and regulatory documents for our pharmaceutical products- each task was accomplished quickly and effectively, every time. I would personally recommend Paspartu to other pharma producers that prepare to launch their products on international markets, and need to obtain marketing approval with various regulatory bodies, such as the EMA.”

George D.,

Consumer & Industrial Electronics

“We started to give your company more projects and our goal is to continue giving you more this year based on the positive experience we’ve had so far. The responsiveness of your staff is excellent and very much appreciated due to the technical requirements of our projects.

Andrews S.,

“It was a pleasure to work with you from our initial inquiry through our receipt of the finished products, all perfectly formatted to match the originals—excellent work. Our translations are more marketing in nature and therefore a special attention needs to be paid to our tone of voice and style. So far, your teams have managed to localize our marketing literature quite well in our 6 target languages”.

Thomas, N.,

 Gaming Translation and Localization Solutions

“Paspartu gaming team has localized our 5 games into 20 langauges, European and Asian, with very good results in terms of compliance with product release deadlines, voice and style preservation, and of complying with our specific project instructions.”

Duane M.,

“Paspartu has gone beyond simple translation into transcreation when translating our story and character lines in our roulette games and adventure games.”

Marianne J.,