According to recent research, the value of the global SaaS market is expected to reach $10 trillion by 2030. As a result, the localization of SaaS products is growing rapidly, even though it is not a one-time, simple process. It requires a large investment of time and money, as each product’s unique specifications can not only vary widely but also need to be updated in every available language.

Before launching a SaaS product on the international market, it is important to define a localization strategy that matches the target audience’s native language and cultural preferences and norms. The localization strategy should be created by an agency whose team (product managers, translators, and product developers) has extensive expertise in the needs of the SaaS markets. A solid localization strategy for SaaS  should holistically address the following variables:

● Market research on the local preferences of the target audience
Language localization and transcreation (written content, navigation menu, tooltips, etc.)
● User experience (regional norms, esthetic preferences, usage habits, creating an intuitive interface)
● Regional regulations
● Price and payment system (local currencies, alternative payment methods such as wire transfer, or digital instruments such as cryptocurrencies)
● Visual elements (icons, creation of new assets)
● Complementary features
● Software and hardware customization (technical infrastructure and internationalization of requirements for optimal performance)
● Product marketing (customized strategy optimized for international target groups)
● Usability testing (relevance and efficiency testing for local target audience)
● Regular updating of content

Taking your website and software to the next level by localizing your SaaS products is considered a bold but necessary step for growing your business. Entrepreneurial behemoths like Google, Netflix, and Zoom that incorporate localization into their annual strategy significantly evolve their multilingual capabilities, increasing revenue while attracting an even larger audience from around the world.

How can SaaS companies benefit from localization?

SaaS companies expand to international markets by adopting localization strategies that help them build a strong foundation around the globe to attract the interest of more people. Tailored to the needs, habits, and preferences of international users, this approach yields favorable results for SaaS companies by outperforming regional competitors, leading to a better understanding of the target audience and helping to convert them, thus significantly increasing company revenues (up to 40% more!).

No to cultural barriers = Yes to more purchases

According to CSA Research, 73% of buyers prefer product reviews in their native language. So why not expand your product’s reach by localizing it in multiple languages? By removing language and cultural barriers, your potential buyers will enjoy a more cohesive user experience as they have full access to the benefits of your SaaS product.

Strengthen customer loyalty

Even if the original language is not a barrier, the user experience certainly is, as the layout of your SaaS product must be fully aligned with the latest UX features of your target market. Familiarity and relevance are your keywords. And a professional and certified translation agency is fully aware of this fact. Putting the localization of your SaaS product in their hands will not only help you retain your customers but also increase your brand awareness in local markets.

Reduce unexpected costs

Familiarizing potential buyers with the features and benefits of your SaaS product by adapting it to additional local languages can save you a lot of money. In particular, using solid and professional localization techniques to fully comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can help you avoid unexpected fines. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to constantly update such local content (the language of the company’s privacy policy, the cookie consent banner, etc.) to protect yourself from heavy penalties on the target market and exponentially increase your revenue.

How can Paspartu help your SaaS business?

Localization ensures that your product is credible and reliable by successfully optimizing your content for additional languages and markets. Paspartu’s translation services understand the importance of making your SaaS product available in multiple languages through accurate translations in your target audience’s native language.

Trust our team of expert translators to promote your SaaS product to potential business partners and users, and automatically gain your customers’ trust by giving them the best offer!

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