In today’s globalized world, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers face the challenge of producing and distributing their products for different markets around the world. This challenge requires manufacturers to take a multilingual approach to their marketing and product information, which is why working with specialized translation providers is critical.

Specialized translation service providers offer services specifically tailored to the medical and pharmaceutical industry and have expertise and experience in this sector. This is why medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers should consider working with specialized translation service providers:

1. Accurate and reliable translations

One of the most important reasons for working with specialized translation service providers is to ensure the translations’ accuracy and reliability. Medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers deal with complex terminology and jargon that requires a thorough understanding of the industry. Specialized translation service providers are well-versed in this terminology and have the expertise to translate it correctly. Experienced, native-speaking translators and Subject Matter Experts are employed to ensure that translations are of the highest quality and comply with legal requirements.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical products must comply with certain regulations and laws when entering various markets. Specialized translation service providers are aware of these requirements and ensure that translations comply with local regulations. They are well-versed in regulatory requirements and can deliver translations that meet the standards set by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the FDA or other regulatory agencies.

3. Consistency in all languages

It is important for medical and pharmaceutical product manufacturers to maintain consistency across languages. This is especially important when it comes to product information and marketing materials, such as advertising campaigns. Specialized translation service providers have the tools and technology to ensure that translations are consistent across languages and adapted to each market and culture. Consistency and clarity are essential to maintaining brand image and reputation.

4. Safe use of medical devices and technologies

When it comes to translating technical documents related to medical devices and technologies, such as instruction manuals, operational qualification documents, etc., manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical products must rely on a professional translation agency that specializes in the healthcare industry. This is important to ensure that technical documents are translated accurately and precisely to avoid misunderstandings that could potentially jeopardize patient safety. A professional translation agency can provide manufacturers with the expertise needed to translate their documents to meet local regulations and cultural sensitivities in various target countries, improving the safety and effectiveness of their products. By working with a professional translation agency, manufacturers can rest assured that their medical devices and technologies are safe for patients worldwide.

5. Faster turnaround times

Manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical products must keep up with the fast-paced nature of the industry. To stay competitive, they need to get their products to market quickly and efficiently. Experienced and certified translation service providers have the resources to ensure faster turnaround times so that medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers can launch their products in various markets promptly. They use specialized data lists such as terminology databases, translation memories, and glossaries to ensure consistency and accuracy and speed up the translation process without sacrificing quality.

How does Paspartu help your business grow?

Paspartu Translation Services is the leading translation agency in Athens with more than 550 professional translators. Our certified team of native professional translators provides accurate translations in more than 40 languages that need to be translated or localized for a product or service in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. International companies in this sector rely on our in-depth knowledge and experience to meet the challenges of globalizing their products and remain competitive with the most cost-effective solutions.

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