It’s time to face it. Globalization is radically taking over every industry, especially, the educational one. Because of its quick rise, companies face the great need of localizing their content regarding training or educational courses, as well as eLearning material. There is no doubt that with the global market expanding, an accurate and solid translation of the educational content ensures sufficient training of employees, leading to the empowerment of a company’s…taskforce.
Knowledge is power. Ready to make it yours through the most…educational throwback?

Translation in the e-Learning industry: The Content Games

The internet has opened up a portal to the blossom of any type of content. In particular, educational content demands translation and localization to keep up with the latest global learning trends. Educational technology (Ed-tech) startups are aware of this emerging need and hence demonstrate adaptability through the localization of their educational material, such as educational e-books, educational courses, educational blog posts, educational website content, educational presentations, educational audio-visual content or a combination of the above-mentioned materials and tools.
History points to Elliott Maisie back in 1999, since he was the very first educational technology expert who came up with the term “e-learning”. From that day forward, e-learning has held the steering wheel in the education industry, as today the majority of the business ecosystem, such as private and public universities, startups, government entities, and schools, utilize learning management systems (LMS) to successfully deliver their courses.

e-Learning in the Education Industry: Pros and…pros

Making e-learning tools accessible to a global audience in both professional and social circles clearly stands as a top priority in the education industry. But to what extent are translation and localization beneficial for the world’s workforce as far as self-employed individuals and businesses are concerned?

Learn your target audience through…learning

Taking down the language barriers and being able not to get lost in…translation always had a global appeal that makes localization highly needed. When localizing your training or educational materials in the native language of your audience, your target group can comprehend better and thus retain information much easier. Consequently, not only can you reduce human and therefore financial resources, but you can also increase productivity and diminish possible injury claims. Furthermore, when your content is localized in a precise way, you can better understand the needs of your audience since it will accurately and aptly express them.

Expand your business globally

Our world does not revolve around one-dimensional communication. In fact, it seems that according to immigration studies, 67.3 million residents in the USA do not use English as their mother language at home. But language is not the only obstacle here. Cultural relevance plays a massive role in comprehension and hence businesses must localize their training content with the help of professional and certified translators with a native background. Therefore, businesses will be able to strengthen their expansion efforts by efficiently connecting with their target audience.

Happy employees…happier revenue

Competition has always been a pain chain in business. Hence, companies who can offer their employees personalized, native, educational material or perhaps export it in the international market, evolve in a wide spectrum of their performance. As a result, not only employees but also customers feel significantly valued, and this leads companies to higher revenue.

Paspartu Translation Services: Your business level-up

e-Learning is perpetually evolving and according to global research, it is expected to reach $325 billion in revenue by 2025. Paspartu Translation Services owns vast expertise in the localization of training and educational material. Thanks to our professional native translators we can decrease the cultural differences that lead to confusion and make your e-learning tools accessible to a global audience through an in-depth solid localization service that meets the highest quality standards.

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