Machine Translation & Post Editing

Machine Translation & Post Editing

Machine translation & post editing

A wind of change is now blowing through various industries, as more marketing leaders are interested in testing MT (machine translation) in combination with human proofreading (post-editing) for managing their localization needs.

Our point of view is that machine translation will sooner or later be part of most translation workflows anyhow.

The key is to find the most reliable tools for each industry (a tool working for medical may not be working for legal, and so on), for each language combination, and to accompany MT by human proofreading (also called post editing) done by a SubjectMatterExpert, native speaker of the target language.

What the industry expects from us, as experts in the translation industry, is to dedicate time and energy to optimize the current MT tools to reach better accuracy, for more types of texts, and in more languages.

Why? Because of the major cost and time efficiencies that can be achieved with MT plus post-editing.

Therefore, Paspartu sees MT as an opportunity, and we are indeed investing important resources to conduct a comprehensive research on the applications, current pitfalls and opportunities for growth related to MT.

Our recent experience shows that more and more marketing leaders are open to test MT+ human post editing if the quality/ cost savings ratio would justify the choice.

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