Paspartu applies stringent translation quality standards, reflecting its two professional quality certifications – EN ISO 17100 and DIN EN 15038:2006-08. The quality standards defined in these certifications are followed throughout the translation process and for all language combinations equally.

At Paspartu we regard translation quality as a continuous assessment process with measurable results.

We assess our progress towards excellence by analysing client feedback and acting in accordance with our certifications. We seek client feedback on a regular basis and devise specific measures to improve performance and client satisfaction.

To start with, our translations are certified for accuracy by a certified linguist who is a native speaker of the target language. Moreover, a terminologist/ Subject Matter Expert with a degree in the client’s field is checking and adapting the technical terms of your translated documents, in the revision stage, as well as in the back translation stage.

Finally we offer Certificates of Translation Accuracy (CTA) stating that the translation has been done to the best of the abilities of the linguists and teams utilized by Paspartu.

There are several ways to check the quality of a translation.

One method is to employ the 3 eye principle- meaning that there are 3 different linguists working on your documents- a translator, a proofreader or a terminologist, plus a Quality Control Manager.

Another way to check translation quality is through back translation, but only after forward translation is accomplished. This is a more expensive procedure and is applied mostly in the medical industry, upon agreement with the client.

There are three main items in every project that we check in order to render the highest quality possible:

1. Style guidelines

2. Glossary in the source language

3. Terminology in the target language

Besides self checks that every translator applies to one’s own work, our translators have access to smart translation tools allowing them to identify and correct mistakes and to preserve terminology consistency within and in between files.

Translation Audits – Paspartu has successful passed numerous tenders, audits and complex qualification processes as required by our various clients, especially in the medical devices, pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the public organizations field.