In terms of Translation Tools and Technology, Paspartu is an independent language services provider. This capability enables us to offer the most flexible and adaptable language services whilst avoiding the confinement of some proprietary solutions out there.

We develop our own translation tools and technology language solutions as well as partner with best-of-breed translation technology providers. Our innovative, language technology solutions enable us to achieve production efficiency and quality improvements for a number of different applications.

The outcome is the creation of our own Language Solution Platform PathPartu.NET. The platform combines the necessary language tools and translation assets (translation memories, industry-specific dictionaries and glossaries) needed to optimize unique translation needs in the industries we focus.

The platform offers the following capabilities:

  • Translation Workflow Management: The platform has build in predefined workflow steps that automate the management of localized content. Additionally, it establishes a collaborative authoring environment to reuse content, enforce corporate standards and provide detailed audit trails. Overall, it’s been build to automate the processes across the translation and localization tasks.

  • Translation memories tools: industry specific linguistic databases that capture all our clients’ translations and are utilized for their future use. As a result the platform leverages translations to reduce time and costs whilst enforcing high levels of consistency and quality.

  • Terminology management tools: the platform includes terminology management tools that manage the industry specific terms in multiple languages thus allowing to create unique terminology bases (e.g. product specific terminology) and include rules and guidelines regarding their usage. Such tools help increase terminology consistency throughout your documents, reducing costs and delivery times.

  • Software localization tools: in localization projects the platform is integrated with software systems, such as Passolo, Catalyst etc, in order to help localize all elements contained in the software, including strings, menus dialogues and icons, in order to speed up the localization process and your product launch.

  • Scalability: The platform can meet your fluctuation demands, software file formats, desktop publishing software, and help systems, etc.

Quality Assurance