About Paspartu-Translation Solutions in 40 languages

About Us-Translation solutions in 40 languages by top translation agency

About Us- Translation Solutions in 40 languages

Providing local and international clients with high-quality translation and localization solutions since 2006, Paspartu translates into most European and Asian languages.

Paspartu is an ISO certified global translation agency offering a full range of translation solutions that optimize your workflow and improve your international presence into all major languages, for your technical, medical and marketing documentation alike.

Paspartu is based in high-tech, modern facilities in Athens, Greece.

Our translation company employs 25 in-house professionals and over 550 verified native freelancers and Subject Matter Experts working with state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, ready to scale up and down as needed to meet your fluctuating translation volume demands.

The expertise of Paspartu’s staff ensures the provision of prompt and accurate translation services, as well as top quality management for the completion of each translation and localization project project.

Translations are performed only by qualified, native and experienced language professionals, through a wide network created and developed by Paspartu, under the permanent supervision and assessment of the company’s Internal Quality Control Department.

Paspartu employs 5 main translation units, each focusing on a specific industry. Thus, our covered fields are Medical and Life Sciences; Gaming; Consumer Electronics; Industrial & Energy; Public Bodies.

We are proud to have been selected by the European Commission as certified translations provider, on behalf of which we have successfully translated over 250,000 pages since 2009.

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