Translation security at Paspartu is implemented through a unified methodology that covers all aspects of security and confidentially in sensitive information and in preventing unauthorized use.

We at Paspartu recognize the value and sensitivity of the information disclosed to us by our clients. Consequently, we have made significant investment in translation security, to safeguard such information.

Security Audits Secure Infrastructure Confidentiality Agreements

Yearly audits by our national and international clients and organizations with respect to the performance of our security and confidentiality systems and practices.

Dedicated Vendor and Customer Portals with encryption technology and secure servers (ftp), firewall (firewalls), and protocols HTTPS (HTTP in SSL).

All employees and linguists are bound by Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA). Confidentiality Agreements are signed with clients to offer peace of mind and set up a trusting relationship for all information exchanged.

Data Destruction and Disposal Pathartu.NET System Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Set of predefined practices and methodologies in place for the disposal and destruction of sensitive customer information, or as required by each individual client and Confidentiality Agreement.

Translation Management System that identifies who is accountable and responsible for all tasks and services performed.

No documents/information can be extracted, modified or transferred without authorization or client/ IT manager approval.