Our Client Satisfaction Score was developed because our customers seek hard evidence to support their business decisions with respect to their language functions. Paspartu takes extensive measures to know what exactly our clients value and what they are looking for in a professional Multilingual Vendor (MLV).

As a result, we have developed our own internal evaluation system for the services delivered, in order to measure and continually improve our performance. Therefore, after a customer service request is solved or a project is completed, our internal process dictates to automatically contact the customer and collect feedback on their satisfaction with the support/project received. The factors evaluated and measured are presented below. The Client Satisfaction Score is calculated on a monthly basis.

Clients Evaluation Grid – Factors Monthly Calculated Score (Current)
Turnaround Time 96%
Cost of Project/Service 96%
Quality of Project/Service Delivered 98%
Service Level – Performance 99%
Use of Translation Management Systems 93%
Scalability to Handle Increased demand 94%
Industry Specialization 96%
Job Tracking and Reporting 98%
Likeliness to work with Paspartu again 98%
Would recommend Paspartu to third parties 98%