Comprehensive software localization helps international clients market their software in the local language they are targeting, and according to the country’s specific cultural practices.

This type of localization includes translating and adapting dialogue boxes, online help and interface text, as well as translating the user manuals. In cases where special local regulations apply it is essential to modify the product accordingly, including the actual content of the given applications, so that it complies with those regulations.

As our teams work to localize software, they follow proven processes to prepare specific software types and components for launch.

  • File analysis

  • Project preparation

  • Translation and build

  • In-context review

  • Bug fixing

  • Client Review

  • Final Delivery

  • Updates & Maintenance

Software Localization Procedures

I. clients are asked to provide a complete localization kit. That means all files from your development environment, specifically resource files (cpp, exe, dll, and graphic files format), all document source files (e.g. framemaker, word etc), include all templates, books, fonts, originals graphic (i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator), and finally all the help files (e.g graphics, RTF, VBS, HTML, CNT etc). The Localization Kit provided serves two functions:

  • It contains the material we need to prepare a proposal (plan, price, and schedule) for localizing your product

  • It contains the material we need to perform the localization

II. analyse the files contained in the Localization Kit:

  • Number of words

  • Source and target language

  • Help authoring tool

  • Subject matter

  • Desktop publishing requirements

  • Software development platform and process

  • Internationalization requirements

  • Client workflow requirements

III. a comprehensive quotation pack is generated including all tasks, costs and time required to complete the project. However, no matter the stage of software development your company finds itself in, Paspartu can provide talented and experienced engineers and translators for assistance with:

  • Determining the scope of the project and preliminary planning

  • Text extraction and translation

  • Adapting to legal/cultural requirements

  • Adapting to two-byte characters

  • Quality control of the translation and check of the software operation

  • Translation of user interface (code, text, assets), help systems, printed documentation

Software Localization Tools and technologies

We align our technology with yours and directly support native file types. Paspartu localizes software in all environments and is fully experienced in the use of the following tools and technology:

Tools and Technologies Files formats(indicative)
  • Environments: Microsoft, Mobile, Apple, Unix, Android,
  • Technology : C++, .Net, ASP, Java, PHP, Delphi, etc.
  • Help: Robohelp, Webhelp, Doc2Help, MS Help Workshop, MS HTML Help Workshop, MadCap Flare, etc.
  • Document: Word, Framemaker, Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.
  • Web: Dreamweaver, etc.
  • Single source and conditional text tools: Framemaker, Arbortext, AuthorIT, xMetal, Doc2help, etc.
  • Software: xml, xliff, .rc, .dlg, .exe, .properties, .pot, .php, .resx
  • Help: xml, chm, html, .hlp
  • Document: xml, .doc, .mif
  • Web: xml, html, asp, php