Our clients require translation solutions in various languages. They are public and private companies- they are small, medium or large companies, European institutions, banks, automotive companies, medical and pharma companies, electronic/ home appliances producers, manufacturing companies, energy producers, software developers, game producers, agricultural companies that require translation solutions in over 40 languages.

Translation success in numbers:

  • translation services for more than 10,000 businesses
  • over 1,000 repeat and active clients in 2019 alone
  • more than 135,000 successful projects
  • in as many as 40 languages
  • working successfully for various bodies of the European Union, as official translation vendor

Our clients require translation solutions usually in European languages, but also in the main Asian languages.

Virtually any business involved in export activities of either products or services will need to translate its technical and marketing documentation in the target languages of its key markets. This will not only ensure compliance with regulatory demands on market entry, but in practice will ensure that the end user will experience the product in its own mother tongue, leading to proper usage, improved buying probability, better user experience and in the end increased sales for the producer.