Quality Testing for LinguistsWe have a rigorous quality assurance testing process for linguists that makes all the difference.

As a result, only top linguists enter our team.

Our Quality Testing system  for Linguists ensures that out of the 5000 translators in our database, only 550 are active collaborators, meaning that 1 in 10 translators passes our rigorous screening process and is selected to work on your projects.

Reviews Client Feedback Spot Checks

We review regularly the overall quality of projects delivered by each of our linguists. We give feedback and a Quality Score to each translator for every 3000 words translated.

We closely monitor feedback from customers, which allows us to flag issues and translator problems.

We spot-check jobs randomly through our Quality Assurance Department using our internally designed platform – QCC (Quality Cross Check).

Review Based Rating

All our linguists (translators, editors, proofreaders, Subject Matter Experts) pass through a rigorous testing process before and after they are approved to join Paspartu. First, we have set up a Review Based Rating system. Each linguist gets reviewed for every 3000 translated words. The review is conducted for every language pair separately. The Review System allows for the specific resource to be re-evaluated based on the latest projects completed and get rated on predefined performance criteria. Examples of the criteria which are evaluated: punctuation, spelling, grammar, style, format, handling terminology, complying with instructions and deadline etc. Thus each linguist is continually assessed and his/her participation in future translation or localization projects will be decided based on the previous feedback and score achieved.

This first step assures that our linguists are always kept informed on their performance for specific projects, and involved with latest language developments, industry terminology, software innovations and tools in order to continue to participate in our demanding translation projects.

Customer Feedback Ratings

The second step is Customer Feedback. Each linguist is assessed based on the customer feedback on the work produced. We closely monitor feedback ratings on translations, which allow us to flag issues and spot and correct linguist problems in due time.

Random Spot Checks

Our third and final step on testing our resources with respect to their quality performance is Random Spot Checks through our Quality Cross Check platform. Our Quality Assurance Managers perform random job checks. They have organized and planned a routine to randomly check projects on all our translations by involving external native translators and terminologists to check and appraise our own.

Quality Assurance Measure

The results of all of the above steps produce a Measure Point System which shows exact performance levels of each one of our linguists. Below you can view the performance of our translators (per industry/ specialism) according to our internal criteria as well as the industry standards (LISA):

Industry Score Score Current Month
Life Sciences Translation 95%
Software Localization 92%
Games Localization 93%
Electronics Translation 95%

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