Game translation and localization – Connecting with the right partners to localize and promote your gaming products can make the difference between getting the market share you deserve or, just being ignored, as competition is fierce in the gaming industry.

The gaming industry is one of the most dynamic business environments, with product offerings being altered practically every day. Today, IT platforms (cloud, mobile, social, pads) and new technology styles are shifting consumer and user habits, and shaping the game environments at a rapidly changing pace.

Paspartu has long understood these factors and trends and has equipped itself with highly skilled language consultants and solution developers that helped create a unique task force ready to undertake any game localization project in the industry.

As a result, we have been involved in all major localization projects of our region over the last 12 years and thus gained insightful experience and technical expertise in successfully completing game localization projects.

So what is game translation and localization? Game localization is the procedure of setting up and sometimes slightly redesigning a game for a new market. It goes beyond simple translation to considering linguistic issues, software issues and cultural differences that each target market requires.

Paspartu can undertake any model of game localization:

  • Sim-ship localization: the process that will give the game a simultaneous worldwide release date in all supported languages.
  • Post- Gold localization: the process of localizing a game after the original version has been completed.

Game Translators and Reviewers

Our team consists of experienced gamers, game localizers and native speakers of the languages into which they translate. Our network covers over 40 languages with key linguistic resources in the gaming industry. All our experts know that when translating games and regardless of the language you require, they should always take into account key cultural and linguistic factors in order to re-create a pleasant gaming experience for the targeted player.

Game Platforms

Our native game translators have completed a vast number of game localization projects for various gaming types such as: Role-playing (RPG), Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Simulation (SG), Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) and action / adventure for the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Xbox
  • Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, WiiWare, DSiWire
  • Sony Platforms (PS3, PS2, PSP)
  • Online games
  • Mobile Phones (iPhone, Android)
  • Social network RPGs

Translation Quality of Localized Versions – PathPartu. Net

Translation needs to be top quality, but besides that, your game’s resource files also need to be technically correct, meaning free of any technical errors. Our game localization solution will process your files, extract the segments for translation and build the translation glossary. For game localization projects our solution has incorporated various pre-specified QA checks (i.e tags, strings, length of translations, characters encoded actions, duplicate string removers etc).

Our automated workflow solution helps us complete games localization projects in a far more efficient and resources saving manner than conventional game localization methods.

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