Voice-over Services

We aim at giving our clients a voice from home experience when it comes to localizing their game!

To keep your clients on top of the game, Paspartu offers voice-over services for the gaming industry through its strategic alliance with a top specialized company in Greece. Through the combination of our forces we offer complete localization solutions for the gaming industry.

Our partner’s reputation in audio post-production is founded on their extensive localization – dubbing experience built over the past 15 years. Their high quality creative and technical standards have enabled them to work with many of the major production companies worldwide.

Creative Teams: Consists of the industry’s most talented dialogue and music directors, actors, narrators, singers, recording and mixing engineers. Our partners are the first studio to include Greece major star talents in their productions with astonishing artistic and box office results.

Game Voice-Over Services: Over the years our partners have built the most comprehensive and powerful team of experienced project managers, directors and sound engineers who share a passion for video games and combine creative and technical excellence. Each project is assigned to a dedicated project manager and director who work closely together to finalize the cast and seek solutions to pass the appropriate “feel” of each game to the gamers.

Indicative Clients: Extensive experience in game localization as our partners have been localizing audio for video games for more than 15 years. Their game localization portfolio includes almost all the major games that have been localized for the Greek market.

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