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Industrial Equipment & Manufacturing

Translation of technical documentation for industrial equipment and manufacturing

Translating texts related to manufacturing technology is a challenging endeavor which requires highly speciliased translation teams and Subject Matter Experts with various manufacturing and industrial backgrounds.

Our technical translation capacities include technical translators and writers able to cover materials dealing with scientific and technical subject domains.

By employing smart translation technologies, key vocabulary building and maintenance, file version management, and Desk Top Publishing (DTP) or formatting, Paspartu delivers complex translation projects on budget and on time.  With the client’s approval, we can also apply Machine Translation and human post-editing for certain types of technical texts.

After more than 16 years providing translating expertise in over 40 languages to key international manufacturers, Paspartu had build a solid reputation for translating and localizing a full range of technical & marketing files:

  • technical specifications,

  • instructions for use,

  • technical manuals and diagrams,

  • installation, maintenance and repair instructions,

  • CE marking documentation and EU directives,

  • call for tenders

  • EU directives

  • patents

  • safety instructions,

  • manuals and interfaces for automation and control software,

  • plans

  • marketing materials, websites,

  • technical patents,

  • technical reports,

  • e-learning materials,

  • operating manuals,

  • user interfaces,

  • software etc

At Paspartu we use a series of check points to verify and validate the quality of the technical translations we deliver.
Back translation is often used as an extra quality check layer, to ensure the outmost accuracy of the translated text. In back translation we take the translated version of a file and have a separate independent translator (who has no knowledge of or contact with the original text) translate it back into the original language. We then compare the back translation with the original text, and check for any discrepancies. The translator doing the back translation should be informed to be as literal as possible.
Check here how to create technical documentation and translations for non-tech readers, and other useful white papers on how to best manage your translations – https://www.paspartutranslations.com/white-papers-2/
Follow us on LinkedIN for interesting updates on technical translation best practices and tips! –https://www.linkedin.com/company/2784743
Translation of technical documentation for industrial equipment

Translation of technical documentation for industrial equipment