Game Localization

Game Localization

Paspartu offers game localization and testing services for all major European and Asian languages.

Paspartu has a dedicated Game Localization and Testing Department processing various types of games and platforms:

  • Role-playing (RPG)

  • Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

  • Simulation (SG)

  • Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) 

  • Αction / adventure

Paspartu offers game localization and testing services for various gaming platforms:

  • Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Xbox

  • Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, WiiWare, DSiWire

  • Sony Platforms (PS3, PS2, PSP)

  • Online games

  • Mobile Phones (iPhone, Android)

  • Social network RPGs

Games Localization Procedure

  • Play game in the source Language / Background Research

  • File analysis, content extraction and preparation

  • Terminology creation and validation

  • Translation (per batch if needed to accommodate deadlines)

  • Review translation to meet game philosophy and customers briefing

  • Asset integration & linguistic testing

  • Game testing on game assets and code

  • Bug Report on functionality and linguistic areas

  • Voice over services

  • Play fully localized game in the target language

Game Localization Issues

Localization services especially for games are very unique and need to be handled by taking extensive care of specific issues:

  • Internationalization: The overall goal of internationalization is to create a project that can be easily localized with a minimum amount of work on the developer’s part – the same game features, functionality and game-play experiences are present in all international versions of the game.

  • Game Code: The game’s code should support, at minimum, the ability to enter Latin-based characters and diacritics. Be Unicode and accept input for bidirectional text etc.

  • User Interface: The visual look and feel of the game gives users tangible proof that this game was designed with them in their mind. Keep the UI simplified and streamlined across all languages and make sure about size of text, overlapping and truncated text.

  • Displaying Text: Many text issues can be avoided by having enough UI real estate to allow for longer text. Consultation on text issues is offered to avoid unprofessional UI and thus lowers the quality of the international version.

  • Organizing Game Assets: To effectively organize the localization project certain issues need to be addressed. Avoiding ommission of game sections as well as quickly organizing game assets for translations. Providing extra game context information so our localization team understands the relationships between what is being said and who is saying it.

  • Specify which Game Assets Need to be Translated: the client must specify clearly which game sections are meant to be translated, eg. in game text, voice-over files, cinematics, in-game art assets, pop-up tool tips, system messages, error messages, computer game installers, help files, electronic material, other resources.

  • Game Testing: When preparing the localized version for testing, Paspartu’s teams works closely with the Quality Assurance (QA) department and the clients’ localization coordinator to determine specific testing needs. Two different areas need to be involved: (a) Functionality Testers and (b) Linguistic Testers.

After localization is complete, including text, audio and images, we adhere to the strictest approval procedures, using last terminologies and bug reporting tools. We are committed to testing until your product is perfectly compatible and cleared for approval.

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