Translation services for the energy sector – Paspartu is highly experienced in offering quality technical translation solutions to major players in the energy industry. Our clients are manufacturers of equipment for the power industry, as well as public or private manufacturers and distributors of oil, gas and electricity.

The energy industry translation team consists of skilled and experienced linguists and Subject Matter Experts with a background or qualifications in energy-industry related subjects, who therefore understand the complex terminology of this field.

Main types of files translated: product documentation and interfaces, technical manuals, instructions for use/ instruction sheets, standard operating procedures, training material, tender documentation, regulations and safety procedures, marketing material.

Our translation services for the energy sector cover sub-fields such as: clean technology, waste management, gas and oil, nuclear energy, renewable energy, solar energy, environmental law and policies, environmental aspects in the developing countries, greenhouse gases, energy security etc.

One important issue in handling product documentation, whether it is complex technical manuals or shorter instruction sheets, is the DTP or formatting aspect. Our translation cycle ends with a thorough layout-recreation process which ensures that we can reproduce the exact formatting and styling of the source file you have entrusted us with. Your formatting instructions and graphics will be communicated to our in-house DTP team who is in charge with observing and preserving the original formatting of your documents, regardless of the target language for translation.

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