Legal Translation

Legal Translation

Legal translation- Paspartu specializes in accurate legal, court and patent translations using only legal professionals and translators with a relevant legal background.

Our legal document translation services include certified and official translations.

Through its Legal, Court and Patent Translation Department Paspartu serves attorneys, paralegals, law firms, notary offices, corporations, public bodies, and legal professionals by providing litigation support services in the following (but not limited to) practice areas:

  • Antitrust Litigation
  • Banking Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Complex Litigation
  • Construction Law
  • Consumer Class Actions
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Environmental Law
  • Export Controls
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • International Arbitration
  • International Trade Litigation
  • Labor & Employment Law
  • Life Sciences
  • Maritime Law
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Government Contracts

We guarantee total quality of the documents we deliver as we continue to provide customer service long after the translation is over. If for any reason you require small changes to be done to your documents, these will be implemented free of charge, or for an agreed small fee in case of more extended modifications.

Highly Accredited Legal Translators

Paspartu has been accredited with the prestigious ISO 17100 certification as well as the DIN EN 15038. This means that we operate in a secure, safe and quality certified environment, delivering accuracy and terminology consistency in all your legal documents.

Issues when Translating Legal Documents

  • Legal Field: A good legal translator knows that within the legal field there are completely separate areas of law that require specific translation techniques and legal vocabulary. For example a contractual document has little in common with a will.

  • Legal Concepts: A good legal translator should search out and define legal concepts expressed in the source language prior to translation, as these may not even have an equivalent in the language or legal system of the target text.

  • Country Legal System: The legal translator should be aware that each country has its own legal terminology (based on the particular legal system of that country), which will often be quite different even from the legal terminology of another country with the same language.

  • Legal Purpose: A good legal translator should understand the intended use of the translation, which has as much bearing on his or her approach as the text of the document itself. Terminology, phraseology, syntax, register (tone) and a myriad of other parameters will be affected by the purpose of the translation (e.g., is the translation for information purposes only, binding contract language, or for submission as evidence in court).

Certified Legal Translation Services

Legal systems are different in every country, and a legal document will only be deemed relevant if it has the correct form of certification.

Official Translation Services

Paspartu provides official translations in all major languages. Official or notarized translations must be an accurate, exact and complete translation of the source and will only be accepted by the authorities if they include the translator’s name and signature, thus certifying the document’s validity before the courts and/or other authorities. We are experienced in delivering first class official translations across the world. Our translations are accepted by Courts of Law, the Home Office and many other government agencies.

Patent Documents

Over the last 16 years our translation company has mustered the complex field of patents and intellectual property. Clients include:

  • patent law offices

  • patent departments of large corporations

  • research & development institutions and universities

  • private investors

Patent Translation Teams: We only use professionals with expertise in the patent subject matter (software, medical, engineers, pharmacologists etc) to perform the translation, and editors who are professional experienced translators in their native language to ensure the quality of the translation. Our production methodology together with the high caliber patent team we employ, ensures:

  • consistent and patent-specific terminology

  • format requirements compliance

  • no typographical errors

  • an accurate translation

Patent Language Technology: We handle and process documents regardless of format: electronic editable file, fax, scanned PDF, hardcopy. Our technology infrastructure ensures that the patent is ready for use with translation memory software. This way we can create databases of all of the translation done for the customer and thereby offer greater consistency among related patents, so that we can deliver faster and more cost effective.

Translation quality is an important parameter in this translation field- check here how Paspartu ensures strict translation standards for all projects and languages alike-

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