Pathpartu.NET Platform-Benefits

Speed Fast quotations, task specific allocations and full integration with customers’ Translation Memory (TM)
Service Extensive pool of linguistic experts managed by industry specific and qualified project managers
Quality Project tasks and workflow contain key check points, effective documentation review system and QA flags according to EN15038 and ISO17100 standards
Communication Real-time access to up-to-date project information, simultaneous access of all translation team members to the project, allowing project managers to check progress in real time, as well as perform several tasks simultaneously, including programming intermediary Check-points in the course of translation. Global, 24/7/365 access to schedule, project status, and language-related information. The platform further facilitates the team members communication, file transfers, bug tracking and reporting.
Security It functions on different levels of security controlling access and allocation of resources to various sections of the project or levels of client information, ensuring that only the right teams access the right information and no privacy issues arise. A translation kit is prepared within the platform and based on project/customer unique requirements. Linguists then log on to the platform and perform the required services. All team members involved in a project have signed Non-disclosure agreements and follow customer SLA as well as pre-established disaster recovery and data security policies.
Cost Effective Our services are charged by the word, also considering factors such as text type, urgency, language combination or volume, without any extra fee for Project Management or admin as we always leverage technology to our customers’ benefit

The Pathpartu.NET offers clear benefits to our clients, stemming from the seamless integration of the latest language technology.

Key advantages:

1. Dramatically reduced revision time spent by client staff

2. Consistency in all corporate communications

3. Important cost savings for translations assigned to Paspartu