Languages- At Paspartu we translate and localize into 40 European and Asian languages with a tested network of over 550 native translators and Subject  Matter Experts.

Paspartu has the resources and expertise to provide professional translation services to clients in seven main industries: Life Sciences/ Medical Translation, software & gaming, electronics, manufacturing & industrial, agricultural technology, energy, public bodies.

While our project management processes are the same for all languages alike, the difference in cost between various languages is a result of the different rates applied by the translators themselves. Thus, it is common for translators of Northern (Scandinavian) European idioms (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish) to apply higher rates than translators of Southern European languages.

For languages with a different than European script (Greek, Hebrew, Chinese) or different reading orientation- right to left- (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Pashto, Urdu and Sindhi), we employ specialized Desk Top Publishing professionals able to recreate the original layout of your text in the target language.

Our translation services are specialized and tailored to each client and Paspartu can process any type of document or file that requires highly-accurate and reliable translation, localization and DTP (desk top publishing) to or from those 40 languages. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the languages we translate:

Albanian flag Albanian English flag English Hungarian flag Hungarian Portuguese flag Portuguese
Arabic flag Arabic Estonian flag Estonian Italian flag Italian Romanian flag Romanian
Bulgarian flag Bulgarian Finnish flag Finnish Japanese flag Japanese Russian flag Russian
Chinese flag Chinese French flag French Korean flag Korean Slovakian flag Slovakian
Croatian flag Croatian FYROM flag FYROM Latvian flag Latvian Slovenian flag Slovenian
Czech flag Czech German flag German Lithuanian flag Lithuanian Spanish flag Spanish
Danish flag Danish Greek flag Greek Norwegian flag Norwegian Swedish flag Swedish
Dutch flag Dutch Hebrew flag Hebrew Polish flag Polish Turkish flag Turkish
Icelandic flag Icelandic Vietnamese flag Vietnamese Hindi flag Hindi Thai flag Thai
Belarusian flag Belarusian Ukranian flag Ukranian Persian flag Persian Bosnian flag Bosnian

These are some of the main document types we translate and localize into or from our main 40 languages:

  • Medical & Pharmaceutical documents
  • Technical Documents (for gaming, automotive, manufacturing, electronics, energy, agricultural technology)
  • Business & Marketing documents
  • Financial and Banking documents
  • Legal, Judicial and Patent documents
  • Software documentation
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