There is no doubt that the benefits of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) solutions in dentistry are many. The functions of dental software are of great benefit to both dentists and their patients, as they are cost-efficient, time-saving, and increase comfort during dental treatment.

According to recent studies by Allied Market Research, the global market for dental CAD /CAM materials and systems is expected to reach $6.7 billion by 2030. Therefore, the demand for CAD /CAM software localized for multinational markets is an emerging priority.

Types of dental software products

There are 2 main categories of dental software that may require localization:

Patient Management Software

Dental Treatment Software

Dental design software (3D modeling software, used in dental clinics and dental labs)

  • Dental treatment simulation software (3d software for orthodontic corrections)
    Dental patient monitoring software (monitoring a patient’s oral health)
    Dental patient engagement software (software for better communication between dentists and patients)
    Dental surgery software (software for implant planning workflow)
    Dental milling software (software for the dental laboratory to produce multiple dental prostheses)

    Why is the localization of CAD /CAM software so important?

    Dental professionals such as dental clinics, dental laboratories, and dental milling centers invest large amounts of money in the development and implementation of CAD /CAM software. However, before a software product can be localized, it must be designed and developed with translation and different markets in mind. In particular, it must be designed to cope with multiple languages and cultural conventions without having to be redeveloped. This is called internationalization, and only a certified translation team with multinational experience can carry out the localization of such a demanding project with professionalism and consistency.

    Advantages of internationalization of dental CAD/CAM with a specialized medical translation agency

    Avoidance of medical errors
    There are numerous ways in which a translation can fail. So why not rely on a highly qualified translation agency to ensure that your CAD /CAM software is free of grammatical inconsistencies and contradictions in connotation?
    Cost efficiency for dentists and dental technicians
    The structure of the software affects the ease of translation. This is why you should involve a localization specialist in the early stages of designing your software, so that you apply best translation practices for your target markets beforehand.
    Expand your market share
    By promoting product consistency through localization best practices, dental manufacturers can expand their expertise to increase market share.
    Stand out from the competition
    When you set your dental business apart from the competition, you are simply future-proofing your business.

How does Paspartu help your business grow?

Simple translation errors are not… simply avoided. If you are interested in growing your market share in the dental industry, you need to localize your CAD /CAM software.

Paspartu Translation Services, through its dedicated Dental Translation Team, can localize your CAD /CAM software into more than 40 different languages and does so accurately and consistently. We have translated more than 100,000,000 words thanks to our 550+ native translators and Subject Matter Experts.

Our team of localization experts, including localization engineers, quality control specialists, localization project managers, DTOP specialists and linguists, take on every challenge with professionalism and measurable results.

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