Interesting content is important for users. SEO-optimized content is the king of the internet. Regardless of the type of your business (medical, gaming, tourism, education, e-commerce, etc.), it’s not enough to promote your products or services in only one language if you have a website.

Advantages of SEO translation

As globalization has already taken hold, SEO-friendly multilingual websites keep a competitive edge in the market. Optimizing your content attracts a large pool of potential visitors and future customers, as optimization based on relevant keywords leads to better local search rankings. In addition, professional, solid localized content based on an SEO strategy provides your business with the following advantages:

● Cost-effective 24/7 advertising
Through an imaginative marketing strategy that allows you to reach your multilingual customer base quickly and efficiently through one website.
● Increase sales
Your target audience can easily understand your products, services, and offers, increasing the value of your business.
● Creating a global identity
Enhancing your global reputation by earning the trust of your customers.
● Long-term visibility
Long-term growth through an SEO strategy based on the preferences of your target audience.
● Loyal customer base
Creating a consistent, optimal customer experience through multilingual SEO content created by professional translators leads to a loyal customer base, which also leads to higher conversion rates for your business.

Professional SEO translations

The truth is that there are many professional translators and translation agencies out there. However, anyone who tackles such an extensive and demanding undertaking as SEO optimization of a website through translation must meet the following essential requirements.

Native speaker

Your professional translator must be a native speaker. Otherwise, you will not be able to successfully target customers online, as native speakers know how to be specific and culturally relevant.

SEO skills

SEO-friendly translations are expected to follow a certain background of knowledge. Keyword research, meta tags, search volume, and headings must be optimized according to a specific SEO strategy.

Keyword research tools

This is an absolute must. Any professional translator who undertakes the localization of a website must research the search volume and SEO difficulty level. This way, your company can bypass its competitors and outperform them in search engines.

360° marketing experience

Translating a website with an SEO-focused strategy is no easy feat. Professional translators with SEO knowledge must take a holistic marketing approach to better understand the needs of your company’s target audience, identify market trends, and thus convert your website, visitors, into customers.

How can Paspartu help your business move forward?

Paspartu Translation Services has completed thousands of translation projects for international companies based on a multilingual SEO localization process. With more than 15 years of translation experience, we translate into more than 40 languages to attract the right traffic from search engines and thus increase your website’s sales.

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