International companies with a successful business track record connect with their current customers and potential customers in new markets through a consistent digital and offline presence (textual and visual). Agile companies strive for a solid brand identity and tone of voice, not only in their native language but also in any other language where their marketing strategy resides.
Such guidelines are called a “style guide” = a company’s unique approach to communicating its products or services to its customers across all channels. A style guide defines

● Brand identity: Specific brand guidelines
● Tone of voice: Formal, informal, active/passive, choice of pronouns, colloquial language
● General linguistic considerations: Syntax, consistent use of grammar, tenses, etc.
● Grammar and formatting: Oxford commas, capitalization, no exclamation points, etc.
● Glossary: abbreviations, acronyms, special terminology, avoidance of jargon, etc.
● Information about the target audience: demographics, lifestyle indicators, education level, political concerns
● Localization: familiarity with local culture, local trends, and difficulties.

How can a style guide benefit you?

Developing your own brand style is a challenging endeavor that some companies find time-consuming. Nonetheless, professional translators should always consider your brand identity before embarking on the translation of your company’s website or any other type of branding material, product, or service.

But what are the benefits of a style guide for your translation and localization projects?

High-quality translation

An essential part of your professional translation service provider‘s job is to understand your company’s preferences . This is the only way to ensure high-quality translation that aligns with your brand guidelines.

Cost-effective localization

Style guides are a real-time and money-saver in any localization project. You will save on administrative costs by eliminating endless alignment calls or e-mail threads. The translation process becomes smooth, easy, and effective by creating an optimal foundation for your collaboration that leaves no room for misunderstanding.

User Engagement

According to a study conducted in 29 different countries, 76% of consumers prefer to buy products with information translated into their native language. As it seems, the connection with your target audience can only be successfully established through localized content that arouses user engagement and makes them interact with your website for longer.

Increase sales

A satisfied audience is a well-treated audience. Your target audience needs to feel that you understand their needs and preferences. If you want to gain their trust and capture their interest, you need to… speak their language. A style guide is the only way to keep your brand voice from guessing and from getting lost in translation. Understand whom you are targeting, trust the localization process and realize your brand’s full potential, which translates into higher sales.

How does Paspartu help your business grow?

Paspartu Translation Services is the #1 translation agency in Greece and a leading international translation ouse with more than 550 expert translators. Having translated more than 100,000,000 words from and into 40 languages for more than 10,000 companies, our team is familiar with the expectations of various style guides and brand standards.

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