Surviving in a diverse local and international e-commerce market, fueled by globalization, can be quite a challenge for businesses, but smart translation and localization strategies can help. Compared to the past, online purchasing on various websites and e-commerce platforms now depends on personalization. And what does that mean in concrete terms? It means that digital sales, and therefore business revenue, depend not only on the non-negotiable high quality of products and services but also on the accessibility to them on a multilingual basis. In fact, according to CSA Research, 75% of e-commerce customers only buy from e-wallet portals that are localized in their native language.
This simply makes sense. Why would a customer buy your product if they are unable to fully understand its benefits, specifications, general product information, and reviews?

Why e-commerce companies need translations

Professional translations enable businesses to successfully communicate with people from different cultural or linguistic backgrounds around the globe and to disseminate information about their products and services more quickly and efficiently.

It’s not just a rumor, but a recent study states that e-commerce is developing incredibly fast and will grow from $22 billion in 2019 to $6.39 trillion in 2027. As it seems, web localization actually saves the day as it can adapt your e-store to the consumption needs of a global audience, considering that about 13% of the world speaks English and less than 5% of the world has English as a native language. Therefore, it is crucial for today’s business ecosystem, and especially for e-commerce merchants, to outsource the translation of their website to a professional translation agency with native translators who can localize the content according to the cultural background of each target audience. Entrepreneurs who are not willing to invest in such a project will, unfortunately, lose a large part of their audience, who prefer to buy in their native language from more agile competitors.

It is also worth noting that almost 68% of website visitors frequently encounter incorrect or confusing translations when it comes to their native language. This is very likely because machine translators, such as Google Translator, are not culturally relevant and accurate at every step, which leads to a decrease in e-store revenue in the long run.

The benefits of translating your e-commerce store

International marketplaces need resources. And professional translators are the only experts who can advise you and open the way to an effective communication channel with local consumers. All you need to do in order not to get lost in translation with your audience is to make sure that all content related to your e-business is handled by a certified translation agency. This way, your e-commerce platform will achieve the following:

  • Enhanced customer experience
    Reaching new customers is one thing. If you are able to really communicate with them, gain their trust and make them choose your e-business over your competitors, again and again, that’s clearly a win. Once you make your customers feel well treated with personalized and localized web content, you’ll have their loyalty for sure.
  • Higher rankings = better chances of being found online
    Translating content is not just about putting words in order in your native language. Effective translation based on keywords can elevate your business and make it visible to native users, as search engine optimization (SEO) increases traffic and your current and future customers can easily find your content online.
  • Credibility
    Never forget: you can not trick your audience. Internet users and especially customers are smart. If they do not have a user-friendly experience, they will simply go to the next e-store. Relying on professional website localization services instead of machine translation tools is one of the smartest things you can do to boost your business growth, minimize bounce rates, and strengthen your credibility.

How can Paspartu skyrocket your e-business?

Building your audience based on trust and transparency is the only way you can survive and opens up opportunities in the emerging e-commerce market. Paspartu Translation Services create your next competitive advantage over your competitors through professional, solid native language translations.
Effective content localization is a strategic advantage for any company operating in the e-commerce industry to communicate with customers around the world, broaden your entrepreneurial horizons, and expand your business reach internationally.
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