Professional and human-driven translating services have always been a part of our lives, as they remain fundamental to any medical institute or gaming business’ growth. However, have you ever wondered how did it all begin? Where does translation have its roots, and why is localization crucial for the modern world’s needs?
If you are ready for the most exciting… rewind, let’s jump straight into it!

A throwback to translation: Health Industry

Medical translation and history have been pretty much always intertwined. Since the beginning of time, and more specifically, a thousand years ago, a papyrus called “Corpus Hippocraticum” was discovered in ancient Egypt. This particular medical paper was an inspiration to many pioneering physicians, such as Galen, and hence it has imparted its knowledge by being translated into several languages through the centuries.

Around the middle ages, medical translation played a significant role in the education system as it reflected both a scientific and a transcultural approach. Clearly, the medical guidance offered in these documents was enlightening enough to establish the foundations of our medical science, including complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

As far as the modern age is concerned, it seems that the demand for medical translation has remarkably increased. Granted, due to the worldwide political crisis and the refugee wave of World War I and II, professional translators and interpreters became an absolute necessity for any health professional.

In this day and age, the health industry has made great progress regarding national, and international health standards and policies. Certified language and translation professionals provide pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, med schools, and general healthcare facilities with prompt and solid translation services which can be localized for any treatment program, instruction, or medicine description.

The origins of translation: Gaming Industry

Video game localization came into play around the 1970s. A great example was “PacMan”, the very first gaming product which Japanese developers were particularly interested in getting localized, as they seriously planned to infiltrate the US market. Apart from that, game localization was generally limited to gaming cassette instructions’ technical and financial aspects.

The course of years went by with an arising demand for game localization. Specifically, a decade later localization in the gaming industry blossomed but unfortunately, there were no profoundly expertized translators who could successfully undertake this rigorous venture. The results were somewhat unfavorable as there were multiple incorrections and a significant cultural gap.

Around the 1990s the accessibility to video games set foot on an immense international level, as game localization became a necessity for cinematics and companies specialized in the gaming industry. Thanks to the outcome driven by precise localization, revenues skyrocketed and players were beyond thrilled for being able to relate to their favorite games!

Nowadays, the localization process constitutes an essential part of a video game’s development. Indeed, technological advances developed through the years. facilitated the translating process coordination by ensuring its impeccable quality at all levels. Nevertheless, the vast experience of translators who deep-dived into the gaming industry’s localization catalytically reinforced the final product’s value offered to professionals.

Paspartu Translation Services: Your business level-up

As cross-checked above, translation in the health or gaming industry can be quite challenging. In consequence, it is important to rely on a certified translation partner who creates crystal clear localized content that stimulates an emotional response and…brings the game to the next level.

Professional localization providers with deep knowledge of the market, accuracy, transparency, and a revolutionary mindset, are truly the key to dominating the most lucrative foreign-speaking markets. Holistically adapted and specialized to any linguistic requirements for medical brochures, leaflets, legal contracts, and further medical documents, Paspartu Translation Services is ready to expand the reach of your products and help you increase your turnover by meeting the highest regulatory standards.

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