​1.​ General Issues

​1.1.​ When do I receive the PO?

By the end of each month, we email your Purchase Order which will include all the projects completed by 20th (inclusive) of the current one. You MUST reference this PO number on your invoice and send the invoice to the accounting department exclusively (accounting@paspartu.gr).

​1.2.​ How should I invoice so that my invoice is not rejected?

a) You should issue one invoice for each PO we send you

b) Your invoice TOTAL amount should match exactly Paspartu PO TOTAL amount

​1.3.​ Can I track my POs, Invoices, balance sheet online?

​Yes. You can always ask your PM to send you the credentials required to log into mypaspartu.gr and have access to all these data, in the section “POs” & “Balance” on the menu on the left.

​1.4.​ It’s the end of the month and still haven’t received the PO.

Please contact the accounting department.

​1.5.​ What should I do in case of a project missing from the PO list or if the amount is not correct?

You should contact the project manager in charge to update the PO respectively.

​1.6.​ When should I issue my invoice and is there anything special I should care for?

You should issue your invoice as soon as you receive the corresponding PO. Please note that invoices are settled according to their issue date and not the PO issue date.

Before issuing the invoice be sure that you should have :

1) Already sent your certificate of tax residence for this year (see next section below)

2) Mentioned the PO number on your Invoice. 1 PO should correspond to 1 Invoice.

​1.7.​ My invoice was not registered in the Accounting Office, why?

You need to indicate solely and exclusively the amount listed on the PO on your invoice. 1 PO should correspond to 1 Invoice.

​1.8.​ What is the payment date?

Our standard invoice payment terms are 60 days net. Please note that invoices are settled according to their issue date and not according to the PO issue date. All payments take place from 1st to 10th of each month

​1.9.​ In which currency do you pay?

We always work with EUR

​1.10.​ What types of payment do you offer?

Our payment method is bank wire transfers.

​1.11.​ My invoice seems settled in mypaspartu.gr but I have not yet received the money in my bank account.

Sometimes it gets 3-4 days for the money transfer to complete. What you see in mypaspartu.gr is the actual date we sent the money.

​1.12.​ Could you send me a transfer order for a payment?

You can see all details of invoices and payments if you login to mypaspartu. It may take up to 3-4 days for the money transfer to show up. In case there is a difference in the amount on your statement to the one on our side, please send us your bank statement/transfer receipt in order to find out why.

​1.13.​ What about bank charges/fees?

We are not responsible for any bank charges on your side so any small difference in the amount you receive is something out of our scope

​2.​ Certificate of Tax Residence

​2.1.​ What is and why do I need a “Certificate of Tax Residence”

​The certificates of tax residence is the only way we (Paspartu) can prove recipient’s (translator’s) tax residence to local Greek authorities. You can easily get your certificate of tax residence from your tax office once a year, in order to avoid double taxation. Registered VAT number is not enough as one person can have multiple VAT numbers in different countries.

​2.2.​ Do I have to send it every time I invoice?

No. You just have to send it once a year

​2.3.​ What if I issue my invoice without having sent the certificate for this year?

You shouldn’t invoice until you get and send us the certificate in order to avoid 20% withhold. Without the certificate, we are under a legal obligation to withhold this 20%. You will get this 20% back from your TAX authorities. The following schema shows the whole process.

​2.4.​ Do you have any samples of these Certificates of Tax Residence?

Of course, download here samples of certificates of tax residence, from many countries.

​2.5.​ Why do some companies not ask me for a Certificate of Tax Residence?

There are actually few companies that are not aware of this requirement, and these are exposed to tax infringement

​2.6.​ Why is it a pleasure to cooperate with Paspartu?

All payments are automatically settled in 60 days from the issue date of your invoice. No calls, no overdue invoices. This applies in relation to all invoices received, please check our ranking in Proz (4.8/5 in about 80 entries)